Gaming Monitor BenQ Zowei XL2740 27″ Inch FHD TN 240Hz 1Ms

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Gaming Monitor BenQ Zowei XL2740 27″ Inch FHD TN 240Hz 1Ms 


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Gaming Monitor BenQ Zowei XL2740 27″ Inch FHD TN 240Hz 1Ms 

Native 240Hz Refresh Rate Smoothness Experience:

Capture all the details of the action and enjoy smooth gameplay with ZOWIE’s 240Hz native refresh rate display. This ensures consistently impressive transitions with always smooth high-speed motion. (Make sure your computer’s performance has reached the level required for a full 240Hz activation).

Shield Helps You Focus On The Game:

Armor-Shows how to focus on the game. The angle adjustment and removable screen design allow it to be used in a variety of environments to suit your taste. Focus on winning the game.


Spot Hidden Enemies:

You will never be a prey to a timid buggy in the dark corners. The black equalizer improves visibility in dark scenes without distorting bright areas. You can also use it to set your favorite black balance to a lower brightness setting for a comfortable display.


Optimize Gaming Precision:

Color Vibrance makes it easy to set your favorite tones and make color grading more specific. The 20-level color vibrance setting allows you to set specific display requirements and settings for all types of gameplay.


Personalize Viewing Angles:

Since the height-adjustable stand can be operated with one finger, you can easily obtain your favorite viewing angle and it is easy to use.


Easily Access Settings for Different Scenarios:

To customize the XL for different usage scenarios, the S-Switch is designed for easy access to the OSD, switching save modes, and quickly switching connected devices. To switch to preferred display settings on the selected model, S-Switch allows you to save and transfer three driverless design profiles within one model.


Game Modes for Enhanced Gaming Experience:

Each game has its own optimal settings. All XL series monitors come with several settings. You can easily switch to these game modes by pressing a hotkey.

Minimize Visual Distractions:

Focus is the key to esports. The XL Series LCD bezels are specially designed to reduce the reflection of light from the screen to help you focus on your game.



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