Datalogic QW2100 Scanner

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Datalogic QW2100 Scanner


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Datalogic QW2100 Scanner

The wired QuickScan 2100 family versions include the QD2100 and QW2100 line imaging units, while the wireless 2100 scanners include the QBT2100 / QM2100 Line Imaging Units.

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designed for everyday:

The QuickScan 2100 Line Imaging units are compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed for everyday use. Most 1D barcodes provide quick readings and have a wide screening angle with an extended checkpoint, so long and wide barcodes are commonly found in utility bills and used by electronics manufacturers. In addition, the test line is thinner and brighter, which allows users to scan at a wider angle without increasing the test distance.

wireless technology:

The QBT2100 is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and the QM2100 is equipped with a Dual-band STAR Cordless System  narrow band radio.

Quick Scan:

Quick Scan 2100 imaging tools can read loyalty cards and barcodes from a mobile phone screen. It also supports remote management features through the host download app. Thanks to Bluetooth HID, the Quick Scan QBT2131 Document Camera is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Datalogic%20 QW2100 Egyptlaptop


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