Graphics Card Holder DEEPCOOL GH-01 ADD-RGB Adjustable, Addressable RGB Illumination, Support Up to 5 kg, Hidden Cables, Base Plate Control with 5 Pin 3v Connector


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Equipped with 9pcs of Addressable RGB LEDs. Can be synced with other 5V ADD-RGB devices by M/B.
Structured with the uniquely designed metal frame and plastic base, coated with premium metallic paint.
The unique wire hiding function keeps the interior appearance clean and tidy.
The modular designs on all the components along with hand screws make installation convenient and easy.
Its logical structure is made with reliable material and undergoes a strict manufacturing process. It can easily support a 5Kg graphics card.
It utilizes a unique saw-tooth adjustment mechanism and a dual-hole installation design. Easy to install and use.
Support computer cases of different models (with or without a power supply shield). Installation of a base extension (included) is required for cases without a power supply shield.

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1 in stock

Overall Dimension(Type A):52.6×60.6×163.73mm?W×D×H?
Overall Dimension(Type B):52.6×60.6×267.63mm?W×D×H?
Support Range(Type A):47.2~154mm
Support Range(Type B):161~255mm
Net Weight:306g
Cable length:250mm
LED Rated Voltage:DC 5V
LED Rated Power:1.2W
LED Control:M/B with 5V ADD-RGB Header

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