Keyboard Havit KB857L RGB Backlit Mechanical


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• Interface Type: USB
• Size: 358*137*37mm
• Operating Voltage: 5V
• Operating Current: 300ma
• Key Life: 50000000 times
• Cable leungth: 1500mm

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1 in stock

1. With the HAVIT KB857L FN multimedia keys, you can quickly browse music playback, volume control or Internet browser, which saves time.
Ease of adjusting brightness and backlight styles
2. The HAVIT KB857L gaming keyboard lets you adjust the backlight styles to your liking.
Hanging Key Design
3. Typing on the HAVIT KB857L gaming keyboard looks clean and fast, bringing efficiency and precise gaming experience.
Supports anti-ghosting of all keys
4. you can lock the window lock key: FN + WIN to lock the win key in order to avoid exiting the game by mistake!
5. Technical specifications:
• 87-key mechanical gaming keyboard interface

• Type: USB
• Switch: blue content switch
• Size: 358*137*37 mm
• Key number: 87 keys
• Operating voltage: 5V
• Key life: 50,000,000 times
• Cable length: 1500 mm
• Windows 8/10 / Linux / Mac

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